Welcome to Ethics of Pro Sports

This is a forum for Duke seniors and rabid sports fans Robert Weaver and Alex Miller to discuss the murky world of professional sports ethics.  Particularly with reference to sports ownership.  Owning a sports team means something different to every owner.  For Mark Cuban and the Steinbrenner family ownership is about winning at any cost, while for Robert Sarver of the Suns it is about making as big of a profit as possible regardless of the on-court ramifications.  The vast majority of sports owners fall somewhere in between these two extremes.  There are many interesting ethical issues at play here but we will focus mostly on the practice of cities and states providing public funding for professional sports stadiums.  We will also discuss the NBA lockout, and pretty much anything else that comes to mind.  For some background on the way we view pro sports ownership check out this Malcolm Gladwell article on Grantland.com. Keep coming back for more updates on the interesting ethics of pro sports ownership.



Robert and Alex




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