Seattle Supersonics Relocation

To me the most interesting facet of the ethics of owning a sports team is the issue of team relocation.  This is something we will focus on as there are a number of ongoing relocation sagas.  These moves include the already finalized move of the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn as well as the possibility of the New York Islanders moving and the ever-present possibility of an NFL team going to Los Angeles.  Nearly every relocation is due to a team’s inability to gain public funding to either renovate an existing stadium or build a new one.  The use of public funding to build stadiums for billionaire owners is an extremely interesting ethical issue and one that we will examine in depth in the future.  The relocation of the Seattle Supersonics to Oklahoma City is an excellent example of many of the problems with team relocation and is a case that we will frequently reference.  This article gives the background of the story and shows just how acrimonious these sorts of issues can be.


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