Case Feedback

We’d really appreciate any feedback anyone has on our presentation so we can look to continue to improve our case. Please leave comments here, thanks for any help.


3 thoughts on “Case Feedback

  1. I think you guys did a really great job with this case. I found the question of public financing of stadiums to be really fascinating. There’s also an interesting question of what effect team-funded arenas would have on team stability. Would they make the team less likely to leave (since it would require a massive financial commitment to build a new arena)? Or on the other hand, would a state-funded arena make the team more likely to stay (since they have an entrenched relationship with the local government)?

    I think the more important question is what obligations exist between the city and the team. Is this relationship fundamentally different from the relationship between cities and any other firm?

  2. I think your case was very interesting, especially towards the end when you talked about what it takes nowadays to attract people to arenas and make a profit off of fans. One suggestion I do have that I feel would have been helpful is to lay out what you plan on talking about for the 30-40 minutes of presentation time prior to diving into the actual presentation. It would have been helpful to see where you were headed overall and know what was going to be touched upon. Great job though!

  3. I thought this was an interesting subject for a case study, and as was evident from lots of class participation, there was a lot to be discussed as relates to ‘business ethics’. I think the main takeaway I had from this case was that there are a number of different stakeholders when discussing relocation in sports. Toward that end, I think it could have been really interesting for the presentation to have opened with a quick set-up of the topic and then opened up discussion to identifying stakeholders and the like. This is actually something I had done in a Public Policy class before, specifically in talking about the San Antonio Spurs and their relatively recent AT&T Center. I think this would have been a good option as far as making the focus of the case really clear, because, while interesting, at times the presentation got bogged down in the details of history and the case background. Just something to think about if you move forward with this case.

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